Artificial Grass
Sweeper 380

Removes twigs, leaves and weeds while lifting any flattened area.
Restores Artificial Lawns to their just laid look in minutes.
15″ Width Brush Head designed exclusively using Turfmatic™ Astrospiral Nylon

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12 Month Warranty

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24″ Electric 

Power Broom


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Landscapers & DIY Installers

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Artificial Grass Sweeper

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Recently Launched in the USA …

After massive success across Europe the Tuftmatic Power Broom 600 comes to the USA in July 2023

Our Reviews

"Ordering and shipping was fast and easy! Absolutely love how it picks up the debris and then perks up the turf!!!
We get a lot of wind where we live and the leaves and small twigs from the oak trees go everywhere!"

"This works so well for our pine straw issue! We used to blow it off, but the pine straw would stick into the turf! It would take a lot no time to get it out. The Turfmatic clears a path with the first passover. It’s actually quite satisfying and easy to use."

"Quick delivery of an amazing product!
The product shipped out right away and got to me in a few days. I set it up the same night and was amazed at what a great job it did picking up our leaves. We tried several other products and this was by far the best."

Now in Stock!

Power Broom 600

Power: 120v ~ 60Hz – Max 13A
Motor: 1500w Direct Drive
Working Width: 24 inches (Unrestricted)
Brushes: Twin Drum Heavy Duty Nylon
Weight: 18kg / 40lb
1 Years Parts & Labor Warranty

See full details in User Manual

Product Parts Guide

Turfmatic Powerbroom
Dual Handle Design
Quick Release Folding Frame
Heavy Duty 1500w Motor
600mm Full Width Astrospiral Brush Head

FAQ’s …

I've just disposed of my Lawnmower, why do I need this?

While Artificial Grass is low maintenance its not maintenance free. You will find that your old lawnmower was doing more that cutting the grass it was also cleaning out any small weeds, leaves, twigs and other debris that had landed on your lawn. On artificial grass these items will still need to be removed so that your artificial grass look good in all seasons.

I've seen similar looking products, what's the difference?

Our Turfmatic machines are design from the bottom up to be compatible with all types of Artificial Grass. They are not road/patio sweepers that have been adapted for the usage. Our Astrospiral Nylon brush heads ensure that the correct pressure is applied to lift and clean your grass whilst ensuring no damage is caused to the grass blades

Are the machines suitable for commercial use?

Our machines are designed and tested for domestic usage. However landscapers and artificial grass installer are reporting the suitability for light commercial use. The ease of use with no mixing of 2 stroke oil and petrol is of great benefit to both the professional and the DIY user a like.

Will the life span of the artificial be extended with regular use?

Yes, if you allow leaves to turn to mulch on the surface of the grass this gets between to artificial blades and encourages weed growth. You can then find weeds growing into drainage holes in the backing of the grass. This can cause lasting damage that will require early replacement of the artificial grass.

Where can I purchase a Turfmatic Machine?

We supply many countries directly please contact us for more information. Local distributor’s also stock our machines in certain areas of the world. If you would like to enquire about distributor opportunities please drop us email

What type of power supply is required?

We will tailor the machines specifications to meet to local requirements in your area. Together with providing a electrical plug suitable for local use. Machines supplied to EU countries will be CE type certified.